Monday, September 27, 2010

Friday, September 10, 2010

For Vivian

Rose and Bow dangle

I've taken these picture for a couple weeks now, but havent' had time to post.

These are necklaces I made for my friend Vivian over the summer as a present before I left Asia :D to thank her shopping with me till our legs hurt and getting home after 12am. Thanks for skipping lunch to let me indulge in my shopping craze. I shop so hard I don't need to eat :P.

She liked the one with 3 three dangles nore, while I liked the simple one...

What do you think?
Which do you perfer?
Feedback please!

Thursday, September 9, 2010


In the midst of a heavy school life and 5:30 mornings, I've finally put a finger on what I really enjoy and what I really need to save time for.... Me, myself and my crafts. I've set  crafts aside for what I thought were more important things such as school studying and procrastination. I've now swap some wasted time into more productive things of interest.

In the recent months I've been buying a lot of patterned scrapbook paper, stickers, crafting supplies, baking supplies and jewelry supplies. Whenever I have time I'd go and buy things looking for sales and getting addicted to those Micheal's 50% off coupons. Now that I've accumulated so much stuff I realized I haven't' used most of it.
So here I've started this blog to put all that i've bought to good use.

I'll be posting my baked creations, decorated cakes, homemade cards, jewlery I've made and some new interests I've found and their results. So stay tooned.