Thursday, December 16, 2010

More Twists and Turns / Vintage Cooper

I had so much funny Making Connie's name
I decided to make more names, I tried out another wire this time that I got a while ago to make coils. Its a smaller gauge cooper wire (but doesn't say the exact gauge) but much much much easier to work with, Hence the more intricate turns.
I found that as long as I made the letter tighter the words were less flimsy and they don't change shape.

I think I'll have to give the 16 gauge wire a rest.. I'm getting a blister from bending ><.

Here are the new names I have made: Hope you like it!
Top left is made of the silver coated cooper 16gauge wire
This one is my favorite

This is my inital that I sign off with
Another 16 gauge magenta (red) cooper
Smaller gauge Copper wire
Update on last post
So for Connie's name I wasn't too happy with the nicks in the silver coating from my pliers.
I sanded it down with sandpaper and glazed it to create this Vintage Cooper look

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Name necklace for "Con con"

A friend of mine wanted a name necklace.

I did research lots of research about how its done.

I found couple of attempts at spelling connie that I didn't totally like. (too flimsy in structure)

So this is what I made. Its colored 16 gauge copper wire, because that all I have that was thick enough.
I added hearts at the end for flare :D
I hope she likes it and that its what she wanted.
 I don't have the money to invest in expensive mineral wires (silver, gold) yet, but If you would like a necklace like this one with your name on it: Please contact me and maybe you can help me make my dream of being a paid aritist a reality. Thanks for reading.