Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Star Wars R2D2 Duct Tape art on Canvas

Here's what I did to a Canvas that had a hole in it. 
Cover it with lots of tape :D!
and VoilĂ 
If you like it, plz thumbs up the video :D

Thursday, May 30, 2013

First time Felting = Totoros and Mario Mushrooms

This is an updated about my recent felt creations. 
I tried first at making the Totoro then Mario Mushrooms

 I managed to get two needle stick injuries during this process... (at least it wasn't at work hehe)
This may be mostly due my frugal nature in trying to conserve the felting wool and also to make smaller cuter figures.

However I have realized that making small ones are actually more difficult to make and may take just as much time if not more. This is because I cannot use a bundle of needles, instead I had to use a single needle and literally jab it into the wool a million times for it to contract and compact itself into such shapes.

 Mind you despite all that this felting animals was an amazingly fun project. 
However given my allergy to wool I have to leave this craft alone for a while.

1-Up Mario Mushrooms

Little purple Totoros

Size comparison to my hedgehog Huggy

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Bunnie Loves Easter Eggs

 Happy Easter everyone!

Long time no update but I've been busy with work and homework.
Found my travel size Bioderma Love it!
This is what I did in my free time recently.

Like my new nails?
Bunnie Love Easter eggs, get it?
A card update coming up next.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Love Day/ Valentine Card Series - Forest love

Happy 14 days to Valentines day.

Here are the second set of cards for Valentine's day of Forest animals and cute sentiments.
Again I embraced the simple but classy look. 

These are one dimension cards made by layering many stamped images. 
I've never made one dimension cards cuz pop-up and moving parts is so my thing but I like a good challenge.
Masking is a helpful technique for the nuts for you squirrel but I tried a fade from light to dark colors.

Have you figured out I love cute animals yet :D.

You're a dear!

another variation

Monday, January 28, 2013

Love Day/ Valentine Card Series- Sweet Balloons

The cards in this series can be for any loving occasion like anniversaries not just Valentine's day. 
I think they are really "just because" I love you cards :D.

I've been waiting to use this stamp set that I bought a while ago but never had a chance to use. 
These cute critters seemed perfect for these simple but classy cards. 

This stamp set is by Inkainkado and is a cute must have for any stamp collection.
I'm not sure if they even sell this stamp set anymore as I couldn't find it on their website.

I'll have to find the name for my next post if any of you are interested.

My fav card is the playfully threatening birdies but the last card with the mother duck and ducklings can certainly be a card for Mom / Mother's day. 

These cards are all dimensional and so versatile, what not to love?

Be Mine Or Else
You're a Sweet Heart