Wednesday, September 21, 2011

2 Carrot Earrings

This week has been super busy. Still feeling overwhelmed about aspects of my term project and I have a paper coming up. A lit review ><... as if the paper isn't bad enough now I need to come up with the best known evidence -_-".

In less than a year I should be done school! I can't wait for that day! Though after all my research on novice to expert tells me I'm in for the worst... the year after I grad.  I'll try not to worry about it until I get there. But it excited as I am to be out of school. I'm not sure I'm ready for the what comes next. Hopefully, I can always run to my crafts and this blog as my happy place!

This summer has been the year of weddings/engagements as it seems....and it makes me think....about diamonds *sparkle* *sparkle*. Since I can't afford 2 carat diamonds I decide I could own the next best thing. 2 Carrot Earrings :D. Check it out below. Larger carrots pair or the small fat ones?

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

PB and J

Hi everyone!

I realize I don't talk about my life much in this blog. Mainly because I don't want to bore you with all the details and I thought It should focus on crafts...but there is not much to say about my crafts because really the pictures say it all lol and maybe If I put my crafts into the context of my life then you can see what I'm really like. Besides some weeks (or shall I say most) I don't have time to get into my crafts and hence I don't end up posting very often and hence leads to lack of interest for readers.

I'm not sure what you guys would like to see on this blog.
I'm open to suggestions and Ideas. If you see something cool on the web send me the pic or link and I'll attempt to craft it and post my endeavors.

I remember the days when I used to spill my heart out on xanga  and had lots of friends who blogged too but they have all grown out of xanga blogs and now just stalk each other over facebook haha or chat via MSN, skype or texting. I miss the days where everyone had a blog :D. Here I am after so many years (like 7ish...Omg)  trying to blog again.

Its difficult to blog, as I'm not naturally good at capturing audiences, but I must admit that I am better at expressing myself in writing's than in spoken conversations. I sometime draw a blank and can't articulate what I want to express face to face...I see it as most people get writer's block but I get speech block...-_-". Is it just me?

Enough words?! Time for a picture.
This is my attempt at PB +J

two ways I tried to make toast...I like the Left one

I attempted to make some PB and J toast recently.
I figured if I made a sandwiched...then you can't really see the Peanut butter or the jelly. 
Yay or nay?

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Chocolate Chip Cookies! & First Birthday!

Wow. its been a year since I started a craft blog. I my goal this year is to post more!
This weekend I had some "ME" time and made some chocolate chip cookie charms with paper clay!
Mini Chocolate Chip Cookies! Aren't they cute?

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Slight Change but Still the Same

Hi Everyone,

I've decided to switch over my blog to this new one because I'm constantly spelling my own blog name with an extra "E". I Initally thought that Bunni Pie would be different but Bunnie Pie is easier to remember.
My old posts are still available at

Thanks awesome ppl who do read my blog, I haven't updated much but I've been doing a lot of crafting with clay and aluminum wires. Also been thinking of selling stuff but life has just been too busy lately.
And from the first day of class it seems like I'll have even less time. But its important to relax and this is my happy place!

I also recently got a better camera for pics and a new lamp! Enjoy!

First Chocolate Sprinkle Donut