Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Christmas Owl & Christmas Tree Cupcakes

I made red velvet cupcakes with matcha green tea cream cheese frosting. 
A mouthful I know, but its the best!

Maybe Christmas cupcakes are a bit early still but I might not be in town for Christmas!

The frosting so so yummy, Don't ask me how I know...I didn't steal any of course *shifty eyes* :)

 One side has the owl and the other is a Christmas tree as the green matcha is so suiting for a tree.
Christmas Tree Cupcake

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Royal Icing Christmas Owls

I've recently watched season one to four of Cake Boss on Netflix, which made me really itch to do some decorating. However, life would be much easier if I have a crew that did all the baking for me and all I had to do was decorate. Plus I need people to eat them afterwards.

I know making a cake taste good is just as important as making it look good but with my current oven baking just isn't simple. I don't have duel heat. Its either Top or Bottom... So things are always cooked unevenly. Anyone else have this problems. (please leave tips in comment section)

I love all pretty things and cute things and same goes for cakes.
I recently started looking into piping and cookie decorating as well.
Really amazed at how Sweetopia can pipe so steady.
I need to start learning. 

So I whipped up a batch of Royal Icing and started piping...

Decorating is fun...just the cleaning is not.
and you have to make different colors and use different tips and make different icing consistency.
I got lazy and left mine on the counter overnight after making the eyes first...

and of course the icing got a bit stiff...but I banged the pan on the table and it smoothed some of it out. but you can still see that the red did not want to settle.

Here's what I made today.

I think I'm gona put these on somecupcakes!
Who wants one?