Monday, October 18, 2010

Ribbon Box / New Michaels!!

I went to the grand opening of Micheal's with a litre of sunshine and bought ribbon, white polymer clay and paper. a litre of sunshine and I have similar taste :D which is awesome...I like the stuff she picks, so in a way she's helping me shop twice as efficient :D. We help each other spend less money ;) or so I'd like to think :D.
Ribbon with 2 sided color!! t
What I bought looks like a litre of sunshine's stash lol
I saw lots of ribbon organizers at Michael's and really wanted one of my own. I decided to make one. My ribbon box consists of a men's shoe box (stolen from my brother :D), 1 wooden dowel cut into 3 and sanded and rubber thingy plumbers use in the sink...I duno what it was... it fit snug so I got it.

plumber stuff and dowel
DC shoe box
 This is my finished product...i realized I should have made holes in the side...instead of cutting slits in the side..that way I could have avoided the elastics in the back ><.. I will make a better one when I have time :D. But here's what is looks like...

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 What do you think? Really ghetto and sloppy lol.. but I just wanted to see my ribbon all lined up nicely. The new ribbon I bought wouldn't fit on the dowels...because the holes were too small.. I made all the holes on the paper reels bigger to fit my dowel....but the new ribbon reels are plastic...Boo. I'll be constructing another one with thinner rods soon.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Sparkle Sparkle Little Star

I love this necklace, I made if from one of those charm bracelet parts and added dimension by connecting the chains. This necklace reminds me a night scene with stars in the sky and raindrops falling :D....the teal thing I guess is an angel :D. I love stars...yet fear does that work? I wonder....

Ps. My current title is influence by all the children songs I've been listening to :D.  Stuck in my head ><
Why am I listening to them you say...cause I love children songs and because I'm childish's for my school teaching plan because we're teaching 3-5 year to get through to them, music is key.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

First Earring Post

I've made several pairs of earrings, but this one is my favorite.
Baby pink drop crystal makes is perfect for all pastel colored clothes.
My color choices seems to be really affected by some Japanese magazines I've seen...
Baby fav :D Or I'm just highly affected by my maternity rotation this term >< cute babes

I've wanted mostly to make necklaces and earrings but haven't thought much about cellphone charms specifically. Reasons being 1. I'm afraid it might scratch the phone because of the jewels and metal rings. 2. My Htc dream has no freaken place to put a cell charm ><. Hence it hasn't crossed my mind.
But its a good idea and I think I'll make one.

My first succesful cell phone charm will be for you Amanda.
Thanks for the encouragement <3 and cool idea.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Surprise in a Box

Sheryl, I hope you like my new bow design. Took me a couple of hours but totally worth it :D.
It was procrastination to good use :D. That was on the weekend though >< No more fun now, back to paper writing article fishing and book diving.

I've recently discovered the option of publishing at a later time and date, Woohoo.. that means I can make my post earlier but post them on a more timely basis...This post was done with published at a later date option ;) I know I had to keep some suspense and make you wait :D. No time to procrastinate on a Monday when I have to get up at 5am to go to clinical the next day ><.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Something cute & Someone Special

 I've been so so busy this term its crazy...and besides...I don't really have many friends who write blogs or check out my blog. Despite my need to work out the details of two group projects, in the midst of writing 2 papers and studying for a ridiculous midterm. I decided to put it all off and stay up to posting something.

I made this 2 weeks ago and just haven't had the time to put it up.  The teal pearl and the stars are connected so when one side lengthens the other shortens. I really like sphere with heart shaped holes. I made this for fun no special occasion yet.

The next surprise is specially made this for someone special, I'm not going reveal it is until she opens it so it won't ruin the surprise if they do read my blog :D. <3. Fyi not the necklace seen above made previously although the box looks alike...