Saturday, October 2, 2010

Something cute & Someone Special

 I've been so so busy this term its crazy...and besides...I don't really have many friends who write blogs or check out my blog. Despite my need to work out the details of two group projects, in the midst of writing 2 papers and studying for a ridiculous midterm. I decided to put it all off and stay up to posting something.

I made this 2 weeks ago and just haven't had the time to put it up.  The teal pearl and the stars are connected so when one side lengthens the other shortens. I really like sphere with heart shaped holes. I made this for fun no special occasion yet.

The next surprise is specially made this for someone special, I'm not going reveal it is until she opens it so it won't ruin the surprise if they do read my blog :D. <3. Fyi not the necklace seen above made previously although the box looks alike...

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