Tuesday, October 5, 2010

First Earring Post

I've made several pairs of earrings, but this one is my favorite.
Baby pink drop crystal makes is perfect for all pastel colored clothes.
My color choices seems to be really affected by some Japanese magazines I've seen...
Baby colors..my fav :D Or I'm just highly affected by my maternity rotation this term >< cute babes

I've wanted mostly to make necklaces and earrings but haven't thought much about cellphone charms specifically. Reasons being 1. I'm afraid it might scratch the phone because of the jewels and metal rings. 2. My Htc dream has no freaken place to put a cell charm ><. Hence it hasn't crossed my mind.
But its a good idea and I think I'll make one.

My first succesful cell phone charm will be for you Amanda.
Thanks for the encouragement <3 and cool idea.

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