Sunday, November 28, 2010

Fruity Tarty

I've been having a horrible time focusing with my 5.0 mp phone camera even with a macro lens...odd colors...takes me forever to put up a post... I need a new camera ><, haven't really justified getting a DSLR though...still thinking...wish my dad would bring his canon back from Asia ><.

I've have been procrastinating again, I think this may be the last post before finals.
I've made a new tart charm...but in the process I made a huge mess and got glue on the sleeve of my work shirt cause I was too lazy to get out of them and I really wanted to finish the project...stupid glue gun!!

Here's the final product...I always make them in two or more, because I can't justify baking only 1 thing in the oven ><.

This is to Michaella, I hope you like it. Happy early Christmas! It costs time, money <3 and a shirt lol.
Monogram M on the back

Hope you like it M

Very time consuming but worth it!
Think I should sell these?

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Cookies with Love

Can you believe it?? Another Post?? lol.
Just me, procrastinating before the toll of the finals ><.
I finally got to finishing off 2 cookie charms.
I think they will be put to good use because of the mirror on the back :D
I like the little one because it's cuter.
Great for days to check if food got stuck in your teeth :D hehe jk.
This one is for you Amanda! Hope you'll use the cute cookie charm.

And for Kenny that may or may not read this, These are NOT Biscuits :P.

Side Profile :D

Friday, November 19, 2010

3 peas from pod 3

For Bal and Ash,

Thank you for being my buddies and getting my back when I was nervous about mats.
Thanks for checking up on me all the time and involving me in your convos!
I miss you both! For my special Peas <3.

After going to school in habit even though there was no class, I came home and got into my crafting again.
Stressed...stressed...This is the only thing that relaxes me (and hot showers and watching Big bang theory :D).

Now 3 peas in pod :D!

cell charms :Bal & Ash
Amanda, I'm working on your cell charm, Its gonna be cute...first attempt...wasn't what I wanted but its coming along. Will post pics soon. Can't wait to see those Christmas cards :D

Thursday, November 18, 2010

2 Peas in a Pod

I am truly thankful for all the the special people in my life that were/are there for me and those who feel comfortable enough to share a part of their life with me; the good times and the bad. I'm thankful for friends like you. This is made with you in mind. For those who are so much like me and for those who stick by me and make me smile when I'm down, I always feel that we're 2 peas in a pod: Inseparable at heart.

This is what I spent my afternoon and evening doing. I was afraid the baking process of the polymer clay wound burn the pearly luster but I kept an eye out and it turned out well :D. I'm happy about them.

Side view of small pods
Larger pea + small on left

From Left: Small peas-->Medium peas-->Large pea-->Small peas

What do you think?

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Pills, Stethoscope, Heparin and Scrubs Cupcakes for Nurses

Thank You St Paul's 10A/B staff for all that you have taught me.
I will not forget you!
Thanks to Jacquie for baking the cupcakes!
I really only enjoy decorating :D.
Scrubs, Heparin injection, Stethoscope and PO Med Cupcakes

Pills Cupcake. Dare to eat?