Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Pills, Stethoscope, Heparin and Scrubs Cupcakes for Nurses

Thank You St Paul's 10A/B staff for all that you have taught me.
I will not forget you!
Thanks to Jacquie for baking the cupcakes!
I really only enjoy decorating :D.
Scrubs, Heparin injection, Stethoscope and PO Med Cupcakes

Pills Cupcake. Dare to eat?

Heparin SC injection. Vial and syringe cupcake

Stethoscope cupcake
These took an extremely long time to make from color fondant and had to keep the pieces in the fridge or it would have melted in my warm heated home.

I would remake the pills cupcake because they were simply but stethoscopes will be for special occasions only lol they are much to fragile as you can see in the picture above.

Enjoy and thanks for reading

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