Sunday, November 28, 2010

Fruity Tarty

I've been having a horrible time focusing with my 5.0 mp phone camera even with a macro lens...odd colors...takes me forever to put up a post... I need a new camera ><, haven't really justified getting a DSLR though...still thinking...wish my dad would bring his canon back from Asia ><.

I've have been procrastinating again, I think this may be the last post before finals.
I've made a new tart charm...but in the process I made a huge mess and got glue on the sleeve of my work shirt cause I was too lazy to get out of them and I really wanted to finish the project...stupid glue gun!!

Here's the final product...I always make them in two or more, because I can't justify baking only 1 thing in the oven ><.

This is to Michaella, I hope you like it. Happy early Christmas! It costs time, money <3 and a shirt lol.
Monogram M on the back

Hope you like it M

Very time consuming but worth it!
Think I should sell these?

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  1. Awwww thanks Yvonne!!!! I do love it....I'm sorry to hear that your shirt is ruined.... still trying to determine what to get ya for there are so many arts stuff its the way have you tried your tea yet??? lol. You should definitely sell them!!! Don't worry im procrastinating too....watching tv, eating, sleeping not much studying only got so far as reading one page in our text books lol.