Monday, October 18, 2010

Ribbon Box / New Michaels!!

I went to the grand opening of Micheal's with a litre of sunshine and bought ribbon, white polymer clay and paper. a litre of sunshine and I have similar taste :D which is awesome...I like the stuff she picks, so in a way she's helping me shop twice as efficient :D. We help each other spend less money ;) or so I'd like to think :D.
Ribbon with 2 sided color!! t
What I bought looks like a litre of sunshine's stash lol
I saw lots of ribbon organizers at Michael's and really wanted one of my own. I decided to make one. My ribbon box consists of a men's shoe box (stolen from my brother :D), 1 wooden dowel cut into 3 and sanded and rubber thingy plumbers use in the sink...I duno what it was... it fit snug so I got it.

plumber stuff and dowel
DC shoe box
 This is my finished product...i realized I should have made holes in the side...instead of cutting slits in the side..that way I could have avoided the elastics in the back ><.. I will make a better one when I have time :D. But here's what is looks like...

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 What do you think? Really ghetto and sloppy lol.. but I just wanted to see my ribbon all lined up nicely. The new ribbon I bought wouldn't fit on the dowels...because the holes were too small.. I made all the holes on the paper reels bigger to fit my dowel....but the new ribbon reels are plastic...Boo. I'll be constructing another one with thinner rods soon.

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  1. OMG! I didn't know that ribbon has two sides! Good thing I bought one too! :)

    That's a pretty ribbon box! And you have quite a collection there :)

    It was fun shopping you!