Friday, October 8, 2010

Sparkle Sparkle Little Star

I love this necklace, I made if from one of those charm bracelet parts and added dimension by connecting the chains. This necklace reminds me a night scene with stars in the sky and raindrops falling :D....the teal thing I guess is an angel :D. I love stars...yet fear does that work? I wonder....

Ps. My current title is influence by all the children songs I've been listening to :D.  Stuck in my head ><
Why am I listening to them you say...cause I love children songs and because I'm childish's for my school teaching plan because we're teaching 3-5 year to get through to them, music is key.


  1. I love stars too. This necklace is really pretty and unique!

  2. That's a really unique way of using a charm bracelet closure. Your jewellery is really pretty! :)