Friday, June 15, 2012

My Crazy Stamp Obsession - Part 1

I have a serious confession to make....
I have a my ridiculous obsession with craft supplies and all things crafty. 
Its most likely not a big surprise for my close friends who know about it... but they too have not seen my stamp collection all in one place. lol
If  I could I would eat, drink and sleep crafts.
 This post will only focus on my collection of stamps.
Future post will contain other obsessions so stay tuned.

I mainly collect clear stamps, wooden/ foam stamps,  and the more versatile and compact rubber cling stamps.

I haven't counted exactly how many in total and these pics show just a large majority.
I have another drawer full but those will have to wait as I don't have time to dig them out.

Ah ha I look so organized but don't be fooled

I acquired them all within the last 4 years as I've been a much too frequent customer at Michael's and Jo Ann. (They really should to make a points card for people like me :D).

When I make a card these are all over the place like the first pic :D

All the cling stamps fit into 3 scrapbook boxes... 
But as you can see I can't fit much more. 
Here's a closer look at groups of them.

New and Old Friskars Clear Stamps

Friskars Rubber Cling Stamps
My fav Foot Long Hampton Art Stamps

Hero Arts, Stampendous, Sandy Lion, American Crafts and more Hampton Art Clear Stamps

Inkadinkado and Cloud 9 Clear Stamps

Heidi Grace Clear Stamps

Michael's Recollection Brand clear stamps

Martha Stewart Clear Stamps, Cloud 9, Inkadinkado, Heidi Grace Rubber Stamps

Small Cling Stamps from Hampton Art -Ditto and Studio G

So Why Am I professing my stamp obsession you say?
In all honestly it is to help me realized I should stop buying more and to use what I have and second to show you how crazy in love with stamps I am.
I'm a sucker for cute...if you haven't noticed already 
Stamps are irresistible.... you can never have enough. 
But thank goodness they no longer make them all wooden, or else I'd need several shelves instead of 3 scrapbook boxes to contain them.
Most of my stamps are still brand new never been opened.
I hate cleaning the stamps after use and worst is when the clear ones looked stained.
But stamps are for stamping!
So for the remainder of this year (hopefully starting in next week) , I plan to use/ open a package of new stamps to craft every week.
I will make something new every week and make a post about it on Sundays.
I might even make a video so it would be more interesting.

Thanks for Reading!
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  1. Wow! That is some stamp collection you got there! Hope you'll get to use your new stamps soon!

    I hate cleaning stamps too. I use baby wipes and it works really well! I really recommend it :)

    Happy stamping!