Monday, September 10, 2012

My Cricut Expression 2 Unboxing

Say Hi to my New Toy. 
After mulling 2 years over whether to get the a Cricut machine, I finally swayed in favor of it because there were so many cute cartridges that I wanted to get and their newest machine works with all their cartridges.
This is what it looks like after unboxing. I am sparing you from a cheesy video with me squealing as I take it out of the box, so you should thank me :D.  I have played with it a but I am still trouble shooting some settings as I'm having some issues with cutting smaller shapes perfectly.

lonesome power cord, thanks goodness its smaller than the xbox one :D

These are the cartridges I bought so far.
As you can tell, I only get the cutesy ones :D.

 All the boxes come with a silicon cover for the first Cricut expression which I have no use for
What's inside the box
My biggest complaint is the size of the cartridge boxes. They are the size of VHS movies. Mind you paper boxed VHS are actually thinner. If you have no idea what VHS tapes are then you'll have to look up these obsolete space wasting things. But then again larger boxes makes us, consumers feel better about paying $60 for intellectual property. Mind you I did not buy them for that price of course. 
I will show you what I make when I put the pieces together.

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