Monday, May 12, 2014

Wedding Hanger! Sew Happy Together Card!

Sorry Life has been crazy. Im adjusting to a new job every year.
I've been crafting but haven't' been sharing.
Got a Nexus 5 now so hopefully it will make it easier to post.

I've been told I'm a natural with wire but larger gauge wire can be so tricky at times and somewhat more painful to bend. I've seen so many lovely wedding hangers on Etsy and Pinterest that I decided to make one for my friend's up coming Wedding. Sorry I sent it late but its coming in the mail!

The wire part was straight forward. I had more trouble looking for nice quality hangers, drilling holes and securing the wire to the hanger than anything. This is where my significant other would have come in  handy...but since he's not in town. I just went through the tools and made it work!

 I think that Mrs. By itself is also so elegant! Maybe for my own wedding one day :D
 I'm also quite happy with this card I the stamp!

 Let me know what you think. thanks for sticking by!

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